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October – spirituality


I did it! I’m back for the second day in a row!

Happy October, everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful fall weather and all that comes a long with it (if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, that is!). Fall, filled with soup, dropping leaves, sweaters, backyard fires, and pumpkins, is definitely my favorite season.

This year, I am beginning fall by focusing on community (September) and spirituality (October). I’ve been looking forward to this spiritual journey since I planned it in January, and although I have no idea how it will pan out (or whether I’ll stay on the band wagon), I am hoping for growth of some sort. Or at least shifting. I believe I know which direction I’m headed in, but I’m still finding the details hard to explain.

Spirituality is such a vague word, if you ask me. Merriam-Webster defines it as follows:

Spiritual – 1 : of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit

Vague, no?

Spirituality means something different to everyone. To some, it’s about religion. To others, it’s more about bits and pieces -individual relationships, or thoughts of the afterlife, or meditation, or ritual, or cleansing, or art. You name it. Anything can create a spiritual experience, right? As long as it moves your spirit and connects you with something deeper than yourself, whether that be art or the Universe or Buddha God. With this in mind, here are my resolutions for October:

1.) Begin each day with affirmations, gratitude, and resolutions

Someday, I’d also like to start the day with some yoga. For now, a simple goal to walk or exercise in some way will suffice. I’d like to think that this way, I preparing my mind and body for the day.

2.) Notice

Be present. Use all five senses. Take in the world.

3.) Practice meditation

Whether this be sitting and chanting silently, practicing yoga, taking a dance class, or painting.

4.) Seek spiritual guides

Go to a Unitarian service. Go to Schul. Read awesome books. Listen to amazing podcasts.

5.) Talk about spirituality

Start a conversation.

My book of the month is still up for discussion. I have a few I’m interested in, but I’d like other suggestions. Can anyone recommend something awesome?


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