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Goodbye September


Well, here I am again. A month after my last post, claiming for the tenth time that I will finally get back on track. 😛 September (like all months, it seems), has been quite a whirlwind. J turned three!! Family and friends came to visit (awesome short-term community building), Husband began working from home, we turned a room upstairs into an amazing studio, we had a screened in porch built, and our dogs got into a bad fight (yikes, I know). Everyone is healing and readjusting to “normal” life right now, so once again, I haven’t been thinking much about resolutions or commandments.

That said, I’m ready to jump back in for October. I can’t promise I’ll keep up with everything (embrace imperfection?), but I’d like to try. I think I mentioned in my last post that I’m not sure I like the idea of judging myself on how well I’ve kept up with commandments, and I’ve decided that in fact, I think the concept goes against how I want to live. I still want to make sure I keep my resolutions in mind though, so here’s my new plan. I will read my resolutions every morning, along with saying affirmations, looking at my personal commandments, and expressing gratitude. If I can start my day this way every day, I think it will make a world of difference. Why end the day judging your progress, when you can begin the day with positive reminders instead? Next step? Yoga every morning!

And now back to judging my progress. HA!

My resolutions for September were:

1.) Start a playgroup

This is actually happening! It will be Friday mornings, starting next week. My awesome friend Tracy and I are going to be hosting it together, and you are all invited. 🙂

2. Take a step toward a larger community goal

This hasn’t actually happened yet, but I’ve been brainstorming a lot, and I’m hoping to begin a movement class for parents and children sometime soon. I also want to reach out to a few people I know about some specific ideas I have. I will report back.

3. Keep in touch

I haven’t been the best at this, BUT I got to spend 3 whole days with one of my favorite people in the whole world, Nique :), who I hadn’t seen in TWO AND A HALF YEARS! That is WAY too long.

4. Meet new people

Yeah, I haven’t really done this. It’s not something I’m very good at, but it’s still in the back of my mind as one of my goals.

Next month is all about Spirituality, and I’m so excited to post resolutions related to all things spiritual TOMORROW. Hold me to it.

I am thankful that both my dogs are healing from their episode last week.

I am learning about my mood cycles and what it takes to get on the upswing.

J is so big, and I feel like there are a million things he says or does every day that I want to remember. He is so physically expressive, and it’s awesome to watch him try out different hand gestures while talking. 🙂


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September – community


Well, it’s September, and this is month NINE of my happiness project. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a bit lately, but this month is my community-focused month, and I’m attempting to jump back on.

I want to start taking steps toward building the community I desire, so to do that, I need to focus a bit instead of simply whining about my lack of clan. Here is my plan (in a series of 4 resolutions):

1.) Start a playgroup

Simple, right? I know lots of cool parents. Why not get them all in one place? There could even be food involved.

2.) Take a step toward a larger community goal

This could mean talking to someone about what it would actually take to start a community center (my ultimate dream), or joining a group of some kind. Maybe resolution #1 even counts as a step.

3.) Keep in touch

I want to make more of an effort to connect with family and friends as often as possible, without falling into my anxious why-is-it-me-who-always-contacts-them state. I’d like to trust that as long as someone is receptive to my contacting them, they want to hear from me.

4.) Meet new people.

As extroverted as I am, I tend not to like large groups and new situations that are outside my comfort zone. This month, I’d like to expand my bubble a bit and make some new friends.

During September, I’d also like to read a book on community building (which might inspire different resolutions) – Creating Community Anywhere, by Carolyn R. Shaffer and Kristin Anundsen. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for years, just waiting to be read. Maybe now is finally the right time.

I am re-learning why hydration is so important to my sanity.

I am thankful for a quiet night at home tonight.

Lately, one of J’s favorite things to do is tell me what questions to ask him. “Mom, say, ‘Why does the truck have wheels, Julian?'”. He also asks the question, “why?” with such seriousness and frequency that sometimes I can’t even figure out what he’s asking about. The other day we were walking down the street and after a few minutes of silence, he asked, “why?” out of nowhere. I love his quest for knowledge and his desire to share it with me.

1. Take care of your body
2. Eat whole, balanced, nutritious foods
3. Support your family’s health
4. Clean, de-clutter, and increase usability
5. Ease your mind*
6. Move your body
7. Connect first, connect often
8. Be authentic*
9. Lead with confidence*
10. Find a bubble*
11. Apply SALVE*
12. Say yes*
13. Find space for ritual
14. Capture rhythm in nature*
15. Cultivate a daily rhythm
16. Focus on food, sleep, and home*
17. Find weekly, monthly, and yearly rhythms
18. Go with what works*
19. Show appreciations*
20. Touch more often*
21. Work on projects together
22. Go to bed together
23. Cut some slack*
24. Spend 25 minutes a day together
25. Learn to sew
26. Make it yourself
27. Maximize gardening potential
28. Become a master of oils
29. Simplify and sanctify
30. Think green
31. Go room by room
32. Make technology work for you
33. Organize your digital life
34. See the big picture*
35. Remember AEDH*
36. Create shrines
37. Watch dance
38. Take class
39. Reach out to other dancers*
40. Produce short phrases
41. Take a walk
42. Make time for training
43. Notice puppy love*
44. Expand your animal bonding horizons
45. Start a play group
46. Take a step toward a larger community goal*
47. Keep in touch
48. Meet new people

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