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I’m back


Wow what a day.

Julian has just closed his eyes (at 10:07pm) and is now sleeping soundly and suckling sweetly. 🙂

We flew back from Florida today and headed straight to Whole Foods, where I led a discussion on The Continuum Concept for a group of moms from the Holistic Moms Network. It was, quite possibly, the best re-introduction to Raleigh I could have imagined. These are some amazing moms, and I think I actually inspired some of them! I lent my copy of the book out and was able to engage in some really stimulating conversations. Maybe there’s more to Raleigh than I thought…

Fresh from a week with family and a chance to intellectually and socially assert myself while connecting with other like-minded people, I am feeling inspired and motivated for the first time in a very long time. I hope it lasts.


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Black swan

Last night in Florida and watching Black Swan as J sleeps. I don’t do scary movies, and this is one messed up movie. Might have nightmares…


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Florida, day six


Today was our sixth day in South Florida, and each day we have been here J has been happier than the last. He loves his Nana, and adores his Ba and his Uncle Jesse. He was so excited to see DD and Momo, and great Uncle Zach, and cousin Sue, and Dylan. J hardly notices I’m with him when the rest of the family is around (although, I have to say he gets a little overwhelmed when they’re all in one place at the same time). He has a real tribe down here. WE have a real tribe down here. Husband and I even went on a date this morning, and J couldn’t have cared less. It feels good to be part of a larger whole. It’s much less lonely, and although the larger group comes with its own stressors, I have a feeling my blood pressure is much lower down here.

And because I am calmer and happier (and because the family is around), J is calmer and happier. We are rarely at odds down here, and it’s so wonderful to watch a happy, goofy Julian. He might just turn out to be a comedian (if he’s not a chef or a sailor), because he seems to get such pleasure out of making us laugh. He makes silly phases and blows raspberries on our bellies. Of course, he is also cute without trying, and sometimes it’s hard not to giggle when he says certain words and phrases (I try to NEVER make him feel like Im laughing AT him). His new favorite phrase is “ba awa wawa” (bottle of water), and it’s so much fun to hear. He has also begun to say “yeah!” in a very chipper tone, and “no” in the sweetest, most casual tone you can imagine.

Tomorrow is our last full day down here, then it’s back to Raleigh we go. Although I miss the dogs and cat (and now Husband because he has to be back at work tomorrow), I don’t miss much of Raleigh.

Raleigh, I need you to make me miss you.

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100 things (111-120)


Because you change so much every day.

111.) The way you say “hi” so sweetly – you say it often, to many people, and you fill the word with so much love and honesty

112.) The way you put two, and sometimes three, words together now – the sentence structure isn’t quite fluid yet, but more staccato, and there’s something so endearing about that

113.) How much you love boats – you are so delighted each time one passes by your Nana’s window

114.) That you think I am able to control boats and airplanes – you often ask me to bring you more of them

115.) How much you seem to love spending time with your family – I think you know instinctively that people are supposed to live in larger groups

116.) When you sign along to the songs I sing – It warms my heart more than you will ever know – your musicality is impressive, and your gestures and expressions are by far, the cutest things I have ever witnessed

117.) That you are careful without being fearful – you are naturally cautious of new people and situations, and you warm up on your own time, at your own pace, trusting me to guide and protect you

118.) The way you ask for milky – “mikmah!”

119.) Your coy smile, and the way you lay your head on you shoulder and giggle – you have such a sense of humor

120.) That you would spend 100% of your time outdoors if possible – you seem to be so in tune with the natural world, and I hope that doesn’t change

Ps. If you noticed, in the picture above J has a funny bruise on his forehead. We joked that it looked like he had been to church on Ash Wednesday, and then I realized that he actually got that bruise ON Ash Wednesday. Weird.

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Beach bum boy


Sitting in my mother-in-law’s dining room drinking port and looking at baby books. 🙂

Failed again yesterday. For some reason, I’m falling asleep at night before I remember to blog.

Today was a full day! This morning, to J’s delight, we took a two-hour boat cruise. If I had a nickel for every time he said “BOAT!” I would be a millionaire. Then I would buy one of the big, beautiful houses we cruised past. Of course, I would need more than a million for one of those – try 16-20 million. They were pretty, but sheesh. I can’t even begin to imagine a life where I could buy a 20 million dollar home. Better yet, I can’t imagine a life where I would want to buy a 20 million dollar home. Give me a cottage on the sound for 2 million, and I’ll use the other 18 to buy houses for the rest of my family. OK, having said that, maybe I get the 20 million dollar home now – it could house an entire tribe!

This afternoon, after J’s nap, we walked to the park nearby, and J swung on the red swing. And then the blue swing. And then the red swing again, while his Nana and I talked. He had a perfect view of the boats sailing through the inter-coastal, so he was happy as a clam. He seems to fit in very well as a beach bum.

So, my glass is now empty, and because I’m a lightweight these days, I’m going to stop typing before things get interesting. 🙂 I’m having visions of deeper discussions, but I will keep my ideas to myself for now. J is sleeping soundly, and I’m not far behind him. More tomorrow.

On that. One more thing for tonight. I almost forgot! With the help of Mother-in-law, I have invented the most delicious lunch ever to exist! YUP, I just said that. Here they are, my tempeh wraps!


Ingredients –

Pan-fried tempeh with coconut oil and amino acids
Sliced, fresh mango
Avocado dip (avocados, garlic, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, and vegan mayonnaise

Place all ingredients in a leaf of Kale. Roll, eat, and enjoy! Delish.

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Florida wins


Today, Julian took his 7th plane trip (or 13th if you count each way). The flight was delayed because of some sort of military thing, but the moving sidewalks held J’s attention and curiosity for several hours before we boarded. We are now in sunny Florida where there are beaches, boats, and family to have adult conversation with. It’s weird to be here without Husband, but I am so happy to be with family and out of our lonely, dimly-lit, and very small house.

On the plane, J and I sat next to a really neat woman who taught me about Scios and quantum energy wellness!

quantum energy wellness

Apparently there is a scio seminar here this weekend. We talked quite a bit.
She has two grown children and lived in Israel for five years. J loved her. Not quite as much as he loved the airplanes, though. He kept asking me for “more airplanes! More airplanes!” I love that he thinks I might actually be able to control air travel. Move planes through the air on cue.

So far, Florida is kicking Raleigh’s ass. I mean, the airport sucks – Raleigh’s is just about my favorite in the world – but sitting by the inter-coastal and watching J giggle with glee as boats pass is pretty awesome. And did I mention I have adults to talk to?

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Warm beaches


Tomorrow morning, J and I are flying to Florida to visit the in-laws for a week without Husband (he will join us Saturday through Monday).

Warm beaches, here we come.

More tomorrow.

Lame post, I know.

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