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Birthday Day

Hello everyone! Kate’s husband here. I’ve been instructed by a very tired birthday girl that I’m supposed to blog for her today. hmmmm, maybe not the best idea! But I’ll give it a shot.

Let’s recap:

We had a great morning! I got up with the little guy and K had some time to chill – though she didn’t… She made us a delicious smoothie. I left for work at the last minute, and from what I’ve been told, there was a fussy and frustrating morning. But then! We had an all-vegan lunch at Remedy Diner downtown. We ate outside, the weather was beautiful, and we had a ball. Julian loves french fries, and although maybe not the healthiest item, I really enjoy seeing him eat so voraciously.

After work, I picked up food from another favorite restaurant – Market. Yum!!! We had a nice meal, and after J went to sleep, mom and dad had some snuggle time in front of the TV. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen K so tired and giddy – we ended the day laughing and Kate went back to bed to nurse Julian back to sleep…

And by the way – she made out pretty well: a digital camera, some cash from family, lots of facebook well-wishes, phone calls, a bunch of roses from mom (a tradition they have together), and a 90-minute organic massage.

So there’s the day, at least the part of it that I got to spend with them. Maybe you’ll get a first-hand account from the birthday girl tomorrow, but for tonight – Alex signing off!


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Monday shmonday


I hate Mondays.

You’d think days of the week wouldn’t matter to me, because I spend almost every day at home, but they do. Monday mornings, Husband walks out the front door, and he takes my only guaranteed adult social stimulation with him. I know I’ve said this about a million times, but how oh how are stay-at-home moms supposed to survive in this culture?

It just doesn’t seem fair that if I want both my son and I to have daily social and intellectual stimulation, our culture suggests we split up – I at work and he at daycare. That’s just not happening in this situation. I won’t do it.

SO – any other ideas?

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Good job, part two


Ok, I promised I would finish the good job thing, but honestly I’m just not feeling it right now. So, here’s an amazing article by Alfie Kohn:

Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!”

On a different note –

I got to take class today with an awesome local company, The Dance Cure. It felt so great to move.

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Finally Friday


Not in the mood to blog tonight, so I don’t know why I’m even writing this- I just can’t miss a day. It’s the black and white thinker in me. All or nothing. Here’s another cute picture. So glad it’s Friday night.


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Good job, part one


It is a beautiful day. As far as I know, it is still January in North Carolina. Even so, I am sitting on our covered porch, writing while Julian plays in the yard with the dogs. Ironically, I think I’ve enjoyed our outdoor space more in the past month than any other time since moving here in July. As much as i claim to love winters, I am so thankful for this beautiful, spring-like weather. For the past couple of days, it has been my biggest source of motivation.

Outside the house, my world seems much more promising.

This morning, Julian and I finally made it to a story time at Cameron Village Library. J almost always sleeps through the 10:00 time slot, but today I discovered that on Thursdays, they have toddler story time at 10 AND 11. J woke up just in time for us to rush rush rush. We got dressed, packed lunch, and ran out the door. Surprisingly, we made it there on time and in good spirits. After all this time, I think I’ve finally figured out how to rush out the door smoothly. My secret is two-fold: sing and remain confident. That’s right, I said sing. For some reason, I always seem to forget that J is much more likely to go with the flow when I sing about what we’re doing instead of talk about it. Silly songs make pulling on socks and jackets much more interesting! In fact, they also make story time much more interesting!

Once at the library, Julian and I opened the door to the story time room to find a much different atmosphere than we experienced a few months ago. You see, we tried story time once before, but I was unimpressed, and slightly turned off by the story leader at the time. She seemed to believe that children (between the ages of 1 and 2, mind you) should sit silently with their legs crossed and listen to stories for thirty minutes. No dancing. No exploring. Apparently, she either never parented a one-year-old or never was a one-year-old, because one-year-old children simply do not (and should not be expected to) sit still for half-hour increments.

This is why, when we entered story time today, I was pleasantly surprised to see a man with long hair and giant sideburns holding a ukulele. Before he even opened his mouth, I could sense that the crowd was relaxed and intrigued. I fully admit that I immediately judged and stereotyped, but how could a man that looked like this be anything but laid back?

For the most part, my judgements held true. This man could have leapt right from a Hawaiian shirt and surfboard to the library in Raleigh. Both the kids and adults enjoyed listening to his silly songs and exuberant vocalizations, and although he asked the children to sit for story time, he clearly wasn’t upset when they wanted to stand or lie or jump instead. I really have only one complaint about this guy, and it’s that when he wasn’t singing or reading, every other phrase out of his mouth was “good job”! The phrases in between weren’t much better either. They usually began with statements such as “nice listening… Or “I like the way you…”

Most of you (the ones who don’t listen to me complain about society on a daily basis), might be wondering why statements like these disturb me. Praise is a good thing, right? Well, no. At least, not in my (or any if the professionals I trust’s) opinion.

… To be continued. (More on this tomorrow) 🙂

Oh, but first. A picture of my new favorite meal! Sweet potato hash with quinoa and ginger pear dressing.


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100 Things (91-100)


So it’s time… 91-100. I thought I was going to be able to stop at 100 things, but I just might have to extend it. I mean, how can I choose only 100 things I love about this little guy? I love everything about him.

91.) The way you call Freya (our cat) by meowing and clicking your tongue (like me) – “meow, click click, meow, click click”

92.) The way you have transformed “mama” into “mommie” – I actually really miss the mama (and hope that you’ll choose to use both names), but hearing you chirp “mommie mommie” is just adorable

93.) Your names for the dogs: Aynay (Shanea) and Kiki (Lily)

94.) That you just learned how to blow your nose

95.) Your long hair – its almost always in your eyes now, and sometimes people call you a girl, but I won’t cut it until you say “Mom, I want my hair cut” – it’s so beautiful

96. That you always want to play outside – even if it’s cold and raining

97.) Your ability to focus on a task – I admire it, because I’m not sure I’ve yet learned to focus as intently as you already can

98.) Your unwavering trust in me – to catch you when you jump, to come when you call, to fill you up when you’ve grown hungry or sad

99.) The way you ask for food, water, and milk now by smacking your lips together (almost like blowing kisses)

100.) Your innocence

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