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100 Things (31-40)

I love…

31. Your new excited face! Raised eyebrows, wide eyes. Big open mouth with lips that curl in over your gums.

32. The way you’re waving now. A beauty-queen-style wave toward everyone and everything you love – Daddy, friends, a light post. Today, you dropped something you were playing with, then unable to reach it, you waved towards it.

33. The way you kick your legs when excited. You’ve always done that.

34. That you love to stick your tongue out now. It’s your new favorite thing.

35. They way you LOVE your Dog book. You have a favorite dog (an old english mastiff), and you can’t wait to see the page he’s on! You kiss him and pet him.

36. How often you’re giving kisses now! Sometimes I don’t even have to ask for one.

37. That when you’re upset in the middle of the night because you can’t breathe through your nose, you only want me. Even though it’s frustrating sometimes, I love that I’m the one who you need to comfort you.

38. The way you’re standing now. You’re so strong!

39. That you love to stand in front of the air-conditioning unit, your hair blowing in the wind.

40. The way you love your Mimi! You’re so comfortable with her now.



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