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The Third Tooth

I thought the first two teeth would be the worst. The poor baby had no idea why sharp objects were suddenly piercing through his perfect, soft gums. We bought a teething necklace (which is now MIA) and some gumamile (which only caused more fear and crying). The third tooth? Much worse! Little J has had a fever, and a runny/stuffy nose that makes sleeping and nursing while side-lying very difficult. He also poops between nine and twelve times a day. We do not like this third tooth. We do not like it at all.

Julian has also taken to avoiding (or should I say loudly protesting) anything I try to put near his mouth. Food? Gags at the sight of it. Camilia (homeopathic teething remedy)? Loved it before, wants nothing to do with it now. Cold washcloth? No thanks, Mom. Nipples though, are still OK.

Teething is no fun, and I can’t believe we have to do this for another two years. Thank you mother nature. Or God. Or evolution. Whichever one of you caused this. We are not fans.



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100 Things (21-30)

I love…

21. That while reading books, you now kiss each page before delicately turning it with your pointer and thumb.

22. How excited you get about seeing yourself in the mirror after getting out of the bath.

23. How excited you are about the refrigerator! You seem to think it’s so magical.

24. The way you laugh when I play peekaboo with you. I’d do anything to get a smile and some eye contact 🙂

25. The way you play peekaboo with me in the mornings, lifting the covers over your head and waiting for me to ask, “Where’s Julian?”

26. How you LOVE making smoothies in the morning. You won’t let me make one without you.

27. How brave you are. When something scares you, you don’t want to run away from it, you want to go right up to it and face it.

28. The way you find an object that comforts you and hold onto it for hours! Through a bath, and falling asleep. It’s a different object every day – a coat hanger, a sock, a piece of paper towel.

29. The way you sleep in all sorts of funny positions – you love lie on your side and lift your chin up, almost sticking your face in a pillow.

30. Your hair. It’s long in only 3 places – the top, and each side above your ears.

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Busy Days

Tonight, as Julian sleeps next to me, I find it hard to submit to slumber myself. I am always in busy mode these days – cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, brushing the dogs, cleaning, baby-proofing, cleaning. When J is awake, there’s lots of play time (and some running around while he’s playing or attached to me in the carrier), but after he falls asleep, I am all business. I am back to the not-able-to-relax me. Sometimes, I think this is great, because I’m driven again. I have goals and to-do lists, and I feel accomplished at the end of the day. But, the down side of that is the obvious – little rest and repair. Once in a while, I would love to lay on the couch with my husband and watch a movie, or take a bath, or play a board game. I just always seem to be too antsy to enjoy it.

Speaking of my husband, I love being able to call him that now. I am married. I am a wife. It still amazes me. The act of marriage didn’t really change anything about our relationship – it just affirmed what we already had – but it was so nice to formally make commitments to one another and to be able to go through the whole wedding process. I mean, all little girls dream about their wedding day, and mine was beautiful. Stressful and chaotic, but beautiful.

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